What is ECU Remapping or Chip-tuning?

In simple terms, car remapping sometimes referred to as ECU tuning or Chip Tuning, is where the settings on a car are modified & tweaked based on the owner's preferences. With a computer to hand, the owner can customize how the engine operates.

What Exactly Does ECU Remapping or Chip Tuning Do?

Now that we understand what Remapping is & how it works.

ECU remapping can benefit & enhance your motor:

Increase in power – One of the most common changes of ECU remapping is to increase the power capabilities of the motor. It will allow the driver to accelerate much quicker, seeing an increase in 0-60 & overall top speeds. And will generally increase fuel consumption due to a noticeable increase in output.

Increase in responsiveness – Although speed & power is a common motives for ECU remapping. This is down to the drivers being able to reduce the number of gearchanges required to overtake & perform other driving situations which require torque & horsepower. Some drivers take advantage of altering the settings to allow for better fuel efficiency.

Boston Diagnostics uses a range of ECU tuning software to ensure we create the best possible custom remap for you and your vehicle. Our ECU chipping files are custom written for our customer's needs. They aren't just generic tuning files. They are truly bespoke to you, your car, and, most importantly, the driving experience you want.

We are confident that our engine remaps that they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Diesel Tuning and ECU Remapping

At Boston Diagnostics, we specialize and offer all areas of Engine Remapping, Vehicle Tuning, and ECU remapping – Diesel engine tuning is incredibly popular due to the very positive way the diesel engine responds to tuning. It can deliver Very significant gains in power, torque, and fuel economy. And can tune almost all vehicles with diesel engines in this way.

Diesel engine tuning can meet the driver's specific needs, be it outright power, fuel economy tuning, or to account for the vehicle's use, load bearing, i.e., towing, or fortuning and modifications.

Diesel Tuning and Fuel Economy

Our diesel tuning services include multi-award-winning BlueOptimize Fuel economy tuning, used by some of the largest fleets on the road today. BlueOptimize is the most popular fuel economy tuning software in use. It's installed on over 150,000 vehicles worldwide.

Boston Diagnostics carries out the tuning, an Approved Alientech ECU and TCU Programmer bespoke to your needs.

DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Deletion and Tuning

DPF Management is controversial, and there are some critical considerations for you to take before having this service.

In its standard form, low mileage or city driving can lead to the DPF filter blocking up, which can be an expensive repair. To reduce the chances of this happening, you can remove or delete DPF functions, allowing for improved reliability, servicing, and performance (subject to legal requirements.

What you need to know:

Boston Diagnostics can carry out DFP deletion tuning and DPF removal. However, please be aware that DPF removal is not legal worldwide. A DPF filter must befitted to your vehicle in the UK and across Europe if you use it on a public highway. And if the vehicle manufacturer had installed one.

Diesel Vehicle Remapping at Boston Diagnostics

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